Daley Ojuederie's girlfriend leaves UK

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  • 19 July 2013
Daley Ojuederie

Daley Ojuederie

Daley Ojuederie's girlfriend Katie Corriette has flown to Dubai 48 hours after he was forced to leave the house for displaying aggressive behaviour towards Hazel O'Sullivan

Daley Ojuederie's girlfriend has fled the country.

The 'Big Brother' star's lover, Katie Corriette, has flown to Dubai just 48 hours after he was forced to leave the show for displaying "aggressive" behaviour towards model Hazel O'Sullivan, who he had been flirting with in the house.

A source close to the pair said: "Katie has been put through the mill for the last couple of weeks.

"Not only has she had to watch her man get involved with another woman, she's seen him get booted off the show for being aggressive."

While Katie - who is staying with relatives - was supportive when Daley when he was booted out of the house, he is said to have his work cut out before he can set things right with her.

The source added to the Daily Star newspaper: "Katie showed her support by being there for Daley when he left the show but this doesn't mean he's out of the dog house.

"He's got some serious making up to do. Katie just needs the space to work out what she wants to do next."

Katie had been finding it difficult to watch her boyfriend flirt with Hazel and welled up during an appearance on last week's 'Big Brother's Bit on The Side'.

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