Comedian, storyteller and writer Janey Godley to release debut stand-up album

Comedian, storyteller and writer Janey Godley to release debut stand-up album

Photo: Steve Ullathorne

Janey Godley is Ungagged is the Glasgow comic's first album despite 18 years in the business

Eighteen years a stand-up, Janey Godley is only now releasing her debut album. Recorded at the Comedy Cafe Theatre in London last month, Janey Godley is Ungagged will appear on CD and audio download, a mixture of new material and greatest hits. The Glaswegian never writes her routines down, preferring to dip in and out of an anecdote trove as the mood takes her on stage. Such is her online following now, though, that fans have begun requesting specific stories. ‘And I’ve noticed that some are starting to videotape gigs,’ she explains. ‘I’ve asked them to stop but one said, “well, we don’t really get to see you do all your recent material”. So if I don’t put this out there, somebody else will.’

Before returning to the Edinburgh Fringe next month, she is recording a series of eight comic monologues for BBC Radio Scotland with her daughter and fellow stand-up Ashley Storrie. Godley’s are presented from the perspective of a pensioner and reflect her belief that ‘you rarely get to hear an older woman’s voice. And don’t try to tell me that Glaswegian pensioners aren’t funny. My dad is hilarious!’

An ‘unconscious comedian’ whose forthright opinions she shares on Twitter at every opportunity, she’s nevertheless miffed that Godley Snr is prouder of his relatively inexperienced granddaughter’s career than hers. With comedy very much the family business now, if traces of Godley’s style and mannerisms are discernible in Storrie’s approach, she acknowledges that it was her privately-educated child who polished up the erstwhile publican-mum, telling her ‘how to speak’. ‘My vocabulary and diction were terrible when I left The Calton [bar]. At 14, she’d sit at the side of the stage and tell me to slow down, speak clearer and that my grammar was awful!’

Ingram Street, Glasgow, Sat 27 & Sun 28 Jul; Behind The Wall, Falkirk, Sat 27 Jul.

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