BINTM's Laura: Dannii Minogue made stripping off easy

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  • 19 July 2013

Laura Young says Dannii Minogue was "lovely" and put her at ease during the tricky nude shoot on 'Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model'

'Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model' contestant Laura Young felt comfortable getting naked in front of Dannii Minogue.

The 19-year-old brunette - who left the Sky Living HD competition last night (17.07.13) - admits new judge Dannii was so helpful and motherly while mentoring her on set that she couldn't wait to strip off for the camera.

Laura exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "Dannii's so lovely, so helpful. You get your robe off, your boobs are all out and she helps you put your body into a position which makes you look the best.

"I don't know why but I just felt really comfortable around her! I enjoyed working with her."

The aspiring model was previously praised by Dannii during the topless beach shoot - where the girls had to get steamy with male models - so Laura initially thought she would ace the nude shoot.

She said: "I was actually quite looking forward to it, I thought I would do really well because for the topless shoot I got Picture of the Week and wanted to do even better. I was actually quite excited to be honest. My mum wouldn't like to hear that!"

Laura was also a fan of judge Tyson Beckford and doesn't agree with former contestant Abigail Johns' claim that the handsome supermodel was "horrible" and disliked some of the girls.

Asked whether she'd seen Tyson's mean streak, she mused: "Only a little bit really, when he said my [underwater shoot] photo looked like I was Medusa. But that's understandable. I think his sense of humour can be deemed quite harsh sometimes. I think he was just being realistic."

The Malvern-based star hopes appearing on the show will prove to agencies - who previously rejected her for being too "big" - that the industry needs to change.

Laura explained: "It's ridiculous because I know countless numbers of girls who look through fashion magazines with countless numbers of unhealthily skinny models. It makes me so angry, it's not natural.

"I don't understand how someone my size - in between an eight and a 10 - can be told they're too big to do modelling or they could do plus size modelling!"

'Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model' airs Thursdays at 9pm on Sky Living HD.

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