The Royal We (4 stars)

The Royal We

The Royal We (Geographic)


Brevity characterises Glasgow indie darlings The Royal We’s first (and final) album to the letter: it lasts just 15 minutes, contains only eight tracks, and roughly marks the band’s end, the sextet having already declared their impending split some time in advance of this release.

Short and sweet? Most definitely. Bar an uninspiring cover of Chris Isaak’s ‘Wicked Game’, not a second is wasted as the cheery loll of Belle and Sebastian meets The B-52s’ jerky surf punk, and The Raincoats’ arty weirdness, in a glorious amalgam of the stylish (‘All the Rage’) and the downright goofy (‘Willy’). It does everything a pop album should: makes you want to dance, laugh, cry and press play again.

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