The Fiery Furnaces (1 star)

The Fiery Furnaces

Widow City (Thrill Jockey)


This is pretty much everything that’s wrong with music, packaged in a relentlessly tedious, overblown and self-important hour of aural torture. Much fêted in cooler-than-thou indie circles, this New York-based brother/sister duo are, in fact, endlessly irritating, and this latest offering sees them dressing up their pompous and delusional blend of experimental free jazzwank, prog indulgences and pseudo-literary art school meanderings in zeitgeisty garage-indie garb, but it’s the emperor’s new clothes. Very occasionally they stumble across an interesting idea or sound, which they quickly negate with half-baked, portentous arrangements and infuriatingly pretentious vocals and lyrics. Unlistenable and intensely annoying.

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