Eastenders: Whitney Dean engagement rocked by Tony King return

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 17 July 2013
Shona McGarty as Whitney Dean

Whitney Dean

Whitney Dean will receive a letter this week from Tony, who was convicted of sexually abusing her. A secret visit to see him ends in a wrecked relationship with Tyler

'EastEnders' Whitney Dean will have her wedding to Tyler Moon rocked by Tony King.

The evil paedophile (formerly played by Chris Coghill) was put behind bars in 2009 for 13 years, convicted of child sex abuse after luring Whitney into a sexual relationship, but now he's set to make a dramatic return.

This week, a stranger will give Whitney (Shona McGarty) a letter from the Tony which reads: "Dearest Whit, I always loved you. T x"

Worried her childhood abuser may make an appearance on Albert Square, Whitney applies for a visiting order, but goes behind her fiancé Tyler's back, which then leads into a full blown row between her and her beau (Tony Discipline).

Following the bitter tiff, Whitney finds herself in the arms of Joey Branning (David Witts) before the pair get passionate in the bedroom.

An insider revealed: "Whitney tells Joey she knows what she's doing and unable to resist any longer, they kiss passionately and head to Joey's place."

"Whitney loves Tyler and doesn't know why she did what she did."

However, their one-night stand doesn't remain a secret for long as Carol Jackson (Lindsey Coulson) eventually finds out and tells Tyler everything.

Tyler is set to leave the Albert Square this summer, so marriage looks as though it may be off the cards.

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