Rita Ora 'stunned' to be working on second album

Rita Ora she "can't believe" she's working on her second album so soon after releasing her self-titled debut last year, and her lyrics will be a lot more current

Rita Ora

Rita Ora

Rita Ora is stunned to be working on a second album.

The 'How We Do (Party)' hitmaker is looking forward to releasing the follow-up to last year's hit self-titled debut, 'Ora', and promises her song writing will be more personal and current than her first record.

Speaking at the launch of Sony's new Xperia Access campaign, she said: "I can't believe I'm doing a second album already ... To me, it's more like, finally - thank you for just giving me the chance.

"I'm actually going to sing about things that's happening to me now. You know, when I was 18 I was performing at 21, so to me the music was two years old already.

"What's exciting about this record is that I have just felt like I've found confidence to be honest."

The singer also said she enjoys the freedom she is granted through "being an artist" without being held to account for "creative" decisions.

She added: "[The] best thing about being an artist is that you get away with things that you love, and you don't have to explain it anybody. And that's what being a creative artist is about."

Xperia Access is a collaborative campaign, bringing together the best of Sony Mobile and Sony Music, and is housed at facebook.com/sonymobileuk

Rita Ora

British pop R&B diva who has scored some huge hits with RIP and How We Do (Party).


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