Ke$ha debuts new song at London show

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 16 July 2013


Ke$ha debuted new song 'Machine Gun Love' at her London show last night (15.07.13)

Ke$ha debuted a new song at her London show last night (15.07.13).

The 26-year-old singer surprised fans by belting out a new track called 'Machine Gun Love' during her only UK headline show at The O2 Brixton Academy.

She told the crowd: "You might have heard this song on my TV show 'My Crazy Beautiful Life'. I suggest you get out your camera phones 'cause I've never played it before!"

The feisty star's energetic set had earlier kicked off with 'Warrior' from her second album as four men writhed around in samurai suits, and the pace didn't let up from there.

Ke$ha - who donned a series of bedazzled leotards created by design duo The Blonds - powered through all her most up-tempo numbers, including 'Tik Tok', 'C'Mon' and 'Die Young'.

The singer also took a stance against bullying and encouraged her fans - who she calls Animals - to always be themselves and not give in to peer pressure.

She shouted: "Let's celebrate ourselves just as we are. I encourage every single one of you to be yourself unapologetically f***ing always, okay?"

The singer only paused for breath to encourage the crowd to dance harder and to make crude jokes - namely referencing her own genitals and telling the girls in the audience to "get your t**s out".

The performance was anything but tame as the singer bounded around the stage with increasingly bizarre stage companions, including men dressed as giant eyeballs, as well as bathing in a paddling pool full of glitter during a stomping rendition of 'Party at a Rich Dude's House'.

Ke$ha's mother Patricia Sebert - with whom she infamously wrote a song about her vagina - also made a surprise appearance, jumping onto the stage in a giant penis outfit.


The California-based songstress incorporates elements of R&B, rap and electro into her playful pop sound.

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