Prefuse 73 (4 stars)

Prefuse 73

Preparations (Warp)


The beats! Its all about the beats! The essence of hip hop is the rhythms and the rhymes and this album proves that those boundaries are there to be tweaked, twisted and trampled. One Word Extinguisher, the 2003 album by Guillermo Scott Herren (the one-man army that is P73) was a certified work of genius – genius which was muted by the inclusion of a multifarious selection of guests on his 2005 follow-up Surrounded By Silence. Now he has refocused his attentions and has been busy refining his instrumental palate. Bumping, sweeping and glitching with ebullient ease, Herren’s music swings with the fury of Public Enemy, the unpredictability of Autechre and the melodic nous of José González.

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