Michael Cannon - Four New Words For Love (4 stars)

Michael Cannon - Four New Words For Love

Glaswegian author Michael Cannon’s latest novel explores the most complicated relationships of all: friendship.


Gina, a homeless and troubled young woman from Glasgow and Christopher an elderly, lonely widower meet by chance on Waterloo Bridge. After offering Gina a room, the two quickly form a friendship. But when Gina suddenly disappears, Christopher travels to Glasgow to find her, and what follows is a tender portrait of how friendship can change even the most unwilling.

Opening in the council estates of Glasgow, Gina’s life is one full of deprivation, but for one exception, friendship. Lolly, Gina’s best friend, is a wonderful character, full of foul language and whole-hearted love, and it is arguably this relationship that is Cannon’s most interesting portrayal of platonic love.

Christopher’s life in London is well written and full of the tiny minutiae of a bored life: a life that is just waiting to be disrupted.

A poignant, but not overly sentimental story, Four New Words for Love captures friendship at its most powerful and life-altering.

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