Kerry Katona's innovative 'sexercise' workout

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 16 July 2013
Kerry Katona

Kerry Katona

Kerry Katona and her boyfriend haven't gone to the gym in weeks because they are too busy in the bedroom

Kerry Katona loses weight through "sexercise".

The reality TV star has been getting plenty of workouts in the bedroom with her man George Kay, and may even try for a baby once she has recovered from her latest bankruptcy.

She told new! magazine: "The best way to lose weight is healthy eating and sexercise!"

George added: "We've not been to the gym for a couple of weeks because we've been busy. We'll have to up the ante soon."

When asked about adding to mother-of-four Kerry's brood, she said: "Let's get our money sorted. It's not [the best time right now], but if it happens..."

George added: "It would be nice."

Kerry, 32, is excited about settling down with George and thinks he is far more reliable than her previous two husbands, former Westlife star Brian McFadden - with whom she has daughters Molly, 11, and and Lilly Sue, ten and Mark Croft, with whom she has Heidi, six, and five-year-old Max.

She said: "Brian doesn't see the kids - every three months if they're lucky. He's just started paying the minimum [child support]. But it's a tiny amount. What he earns, his record deals, it's ridiculous.

"We haven't seen Mark since a year last February. There's something seriously wrong with him. As far as his kids go, it's not fair on them because they are brilliant to be around. When they grow up, they're going to realise what a d***head he is."

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