Sexy Kids (4 stars)

Sexy Kids

Mono, Glasgow, Mon 8 Oct


Glasgow’s Sexy Kids are so brand new they don’t even have a Myspace yet. But trust us, we’d tell you if we knew it. After all, they’ve blessed themselves with just about the last name you want to go googling in good conscience.

No sooner had The Royal We released their debut album on Stephen Pastel’s Geographic label and split up than three of their number were back in action here. Bassist Graeme Ronald (also formerly of Multiplies) and singers and guitarists Patrick Doyle and Roxanne Clifford have teamed with drummer Andrew Friendly and backing singer/ percussionist Susan Lickley this time out, although their new sound is just as definitively Glaswegian.

The quintet favour the Byres Road library assistant’s sartorial style of pressed synthetics, but their sound is more Franz Ferdinand than Belle and Sebastian (and it was the former’s Alex and Bob who came to see them play this Bobby Conn support). Cute pop songs built on arch lyrics and impressively oddball rhythms ascend to an exciting, drum-banging dance-rock finale, and this bright 20-minute set left us wanting much more.

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