Ben Fogle hints adventures with Cracknell could be over

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  • 12 July 2013
Ben Fogle with wife Marina

Ben Fogle with wife Marina

Ben Fogle suggests his wild adventures and boozing with James Cracknell could be over. The pair filmed their third series together but reigned in danger because of their kids

Ben Fogle has suggested his wild adventures and boozing sessions with James Cracknell could be over.

The TV action man claimed his recent expedition to the Middle East with his best friend James - who he did two previous series with, 'Through Hell And High Water', an Atlantic rowing race, and a race to South Pole for 'On Thin Ice' - allowed them to reconnect and share "an amazing experience together" but they are reigning in their behaviour for their families.

Ben - whose new series will air on BBC Two later this year - told The Sun newspaper: "Is it the last challenge - who knows? We both carried it in our heads that it was as we have family and work commitments but never say never. Any expedition in a wild and dangerous remote place has its dangers. But we're both responsible enough parents now to know where to draw the line."

James suffered a near fatal bike accident when riding in America which left him with life threatening injuries in 2010, however, Ben admitted prior to the trip he hadn't spent much time with James since his accident.

He said: "We have an amazing history together but we don't see each other that much in normal urban life. He can't drink now so we can't go for a pint and I don't see him as much as I'd like to ... but hopefully that will change now."

"Obviously he is a very different person to the James before the accident. He is my best friend and we have been through so much.

We've always had a strange friendship. It's not a typical one - it's born out of doing extreme things together."

The 39-year-old TV star has two children, Ludo, three and Iona, two, with his wife Marina and admitted the couple may add to their brood.

He revealed: "Because Marina and I are both from a family of three, we always thought we would have three children."

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