The Caves, Edinburgh, Thu 1 Nov


The latest musical ponies to be welcomed into the warm stables of Fence Records are the Edinburgh art pop collective, Found. According to band member Tommy Perman they’ve found themselves a good home. ‘I guess we’ve always shared the same DIY approach as Fence. We’ve been handcrafting our record sleeves for ages, doing our own promotion, mixing art with music. We share a sense of humour with them too, which is good.

To celebrate their joining the Fence family, Found will headline at the micro indie label’s Halloween party next month. Never the kind to turn down an excuse to slip into fancy dress, Found will dress up as another band, whose identity will be kept secret until the night. They’ll perform a specially penned tune, ‘Something Under the Bed is Drooling’ – named after a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon, and featuring ‘voodoo chants and bloodcurdling screams’ – but the party is also the launch for their new album, This Mess We Keep Reshaping. It picks up where their debut, Found Can Move left off, delivering the same patchwork soundscapes and playful experimentation – cutting and pasting frantic glockenspiels, rewired Speak and Spell toys and scratchy vinyl samples and stickering them onto a background of homemade folk pop.

Tongue in cheek lyrics and knowing references to the songwriting process are there again, but this time Ziggy Campbell’s lyrics explore relationships, and the awkward silences, clumsiness and crises of confidence that break them down. ‘This time around it’s definitely got more personal,’ says Tommy. ‘The songs look at the ups and downs of relationships. It’s still funny, we hope, but it shows progression too. ‘Although Ziggy writes most of the lyrics, all five members collaborate on the music, soldering together electro, hip hop, folk and rock influences. The result is a grown-up, slick sonic treat, and surely – especially now that it comes with the Fence seal of approval – this could be the album that opens them up to a wider audience.

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