Katie Hopkins stands by controversial comments

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  • 12 July 2013
Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins

Reality TV star Katie Hopkins claims people who are offended by her speaking the "truth" on topics like obesity and children's upbringing are in denial

Katie Hopkins refuses to apologise for her controversial comments.

The former 'Apprentice' star has sparked outrage after making a series of shocking remarks on chat shows 'This Morning' and 'The Wright Stuff', including insisting she would never employ a fat person, she wouldn't let her kids be friends with children with "naff" names like Chardonnay, and saying ginger babies are hard to love.

However, Katie - who has been dubbed the most hated woman in Britain - doesn't believe she was wrong and insists she is just saying what people are secretly thinking.

She wrote in the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I do not regret any of my comments. I would apologise if I said something that upset someone in a way I didn't intend. But all I am saying is what many people up and down the country are saying to their friends.

"If I am the most hated woman in Britain, we've all lost a bit of perspective. All I have done is take the things that everyone says in their homes and said it in public, or in front of a camera."

The 38-year-old journalist and former reality TV star went on to say her biggest critics need to face up to the fact she is telling the truth about today's society.

Katie ranted: "When people hate me, it's because I have hit on something that relates to them. If you are part of the overly motherly brigade, the nurturers, the type who wear slip-on shoes and breastfeed on a train, you aren't going to like what I have to say."

The mother-of-three then ruffled more feathers by saying people should stick to the British class system and not think beyond their means.

She said: "Why is it we have to help people who are less well-off and less educated and encourage them to be child Einsteins at Cambridge?

"It's important that we accept that some people are going to do better than others, class still matters, some people are going to streak ahead."

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