Abi Johns: Tyson Beckford was 'horrible' on BINTM

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  • 12 July 2013
Abigail Johns

Abigail Johns

Abigail Johns says judge Tyson Beckford was "mean" to her and didn't give her a proper chance on 'Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model'

Tyson Beckford was "horrible", according to 'Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model' contestant Abigail Johns.

The male supermodel - who is joined by Elle Macpherson and Dannii Minogue on the Sky Living HD show's judging panel - was particularly harsh on the 19-year-old brunette, who felt personally targeted by him during her time on the show and believes his apparent dislike of her got her eliminated on last night's episode (11.07.13).

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I think Tyson just didn't like me. He was harsh with me on the underwater photoshoot.

"I know it's a competition and you have to criticise, even more so because you have to make good TV, but on a human level he was genuinely quite mean to me and I did go away from the show thinking - he's actually horrible!"

Abigail was left in floods of tears after Tyson's harsh words last night, and she revealed viewers didn't get to see the the handsome model snub her after he caught her crying.

The London-based dancer admitted: "I was off set on the shoot and I was crying after his remarks, thinking I didn't do well and missing home.

"I was in a little shower cubicle taking time out by myself and he walked in [accidentally]. And he saw me crying and just said, 'What are you crying in there for?'

"There were no cameras. He didn't even want to console me or talk to me. From then I just thought, 'I've got no hope!'"

Abigail - who now intends to pursue an acting career - thinks Tyson didn't give her a chance and had already made up his mind about her, which destroyed her confidence.

She said: "He was mean to me, he thought I was some weird dancer from London, he didn't let me show who I was, he just had this instant opinion of me.

"I work better in an environment when people want me to do well. It's quite difficult when I was getting such negative feedback and was just trying to bring myself up all the time."

'Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model' airs Thursdays on Sky Living HD at 9pm.

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