Exposure - Enter Shikari

Exposure - Enter Shikari

Tomorrow’s music today. This issue: Enter Shikari

This pioneering St Albans rave-metal outfit’s recent achievements really speak for themselves, but just in case you hadn’t noticed their incredible ascent to award-winning, genre-bending poster boys, listen to what lead singer Roughton ‘Rou’ Reynolds has to say about it . . .

The past year has seen you achieve gold discs for Take to the Skies, sold out tours, festiv al headline slots, critical acclaim across the board and seven million Myspace friends. That’s fast work.
Well, it only seems like yesterday that we were playing tiny clubs to two people. It’s actually now our fifth year as a band and we’ve been playing live non-stop since we formed, so it felt like quite a gradual progression, even though most people only started hearing about us months ago.

So, you’ve paid your dues and then some, but fame can be a fickle business. With plans to record the second album at the start of next year are you worried about it all backfiring?
Not at all. We’re excited to get the new stuff written and out there. Anyway, a lot of the hype has died down now and we’re no longer the buzz band. I think people have started to realise that we’re here to stay.

But do you really think you can keep the peace between the ravers and the metal-heads for that long?
Enter Shikari is all about uniting people from all sorts of musical backgrounds. That’s how the human pyramid thing at our shows started. We like to get the crowd going so we thought if we got them all doing a team building exercise like that it would stop the conflict between the two camps of fans. It totally worked.

Barrowland, Glasgow, Fri 26 Oct, Sat 27 Oct.

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