Dynamo to perform next stunt at V Festival

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 11 July 2013

Dynamo's London bus stunt

Dynamo is rumoured to be performing his next incredible stunt at Virgin Media's Louder Lounge area at this summer's V Festival

Dynamo is set to perform his next incredible stunt at Virgin Media's V Festival this summer.

The 30-year-old magician is rumoured to be planning a new jaw-dropping trick at Virgin Media's Louder Lounge area - where he is a regular attendee - and while details of his latest illusion are being kept under wraps, he is thought to be teaming up with a group of free runners for the spectacle.

A Virgin Media Louder Lounge source claimed: "The skilled dare devil is currently training with a troop of free runners and one of the Louder Lounge tents has a secret compartment. We can't imagine what he is planning for his next jaw dropping stunt."

Dynamo is no stranger to incredible illusions and recently stunned commuters by performing a gravity-defying London bus trick that saw him levitate through the air with just one hand on the upper deck of the number 543 as it travelled across Westminster Bridge in the capital city.

Following the spectacular stunt, Dynamo admitted the trick was one of his more risky efforts but thinks the breathtaking pictures will be around forever.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "It was pretty awesome, it was something special. It was pretty dangerous.

"I think the image will live forever. Even 100 years from when I've gone, hopefully that image will still be floating around. No pun intended!"

Virgin Media's V Festival will take place from August 17-18 this year in Chelmsford, south east England.


Magician and illusionist in the David Blaine mould.

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