Nikki Grahame, Lloyd Daniels and Benedict Garret in British sex comedy Up4AMeet


The stage comedy performance provides a cheeky insight into the magic of online hook-ups

Promising gratuitous nudity, a starring role for former Big Brother contestant Nikki Grahame and a cheeky insight into the magic of online hook-ups, Up4ameet probably won’t be featuring in future Edinburgh International programmes.

That the plot follows the formula of a classic British sex comedy might provide evidence of how far society has come - the addition of beautiful male bodies, celebrity stars and internet ‘dating’ mark it as contemporary. But as Grahame points out, it’s more about the laughs than the social commentary.

‘After reading the script and seeing that it was a comedy and fun, I couldn’t wait to get involved,’ she says. ‘This team, they are so lovely - just a very friendly cast.’

Although she is most famous for her reality TV tantrums, Grahame is no stranger to the stage. ‘I trained at ballet and theatre arts when I was younger - yeah, I’ve got the moves like Jagger,’ she laughs. ‘I did various dance shows when I was younger but with dancing, it’s a little bit more competitive and there’s more pressure. The fun kind of went out of it.’

The real attraction for the audience is the show’s cavalier attitude towards clothing: co-stars Lloyd Daniels (‘X-Factor’s heartthrob’) and Benedict Garret (another Big Brother evictee) may not have been cast for their past experience in Shakespeare.

‘I was a bit shocked at first, but I am proud to say I am getting used to it. I quite like the idea,’ says Grahame of the full-frontal action. ‘I hadn’t met Benedict before - in fact, I met his willy before I met him.’

For all its frivolity - and the marketing isn’t shy about its performer’s main attractions - Up4ameet is a reminder that theatre doesn’t need to be dour or worthy, and 1970s humour can match 2013’s society.

Oran Mor, Glasgow, Fri 9--Sat 10 Aug

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Bold and brassy musical about a new app for cruising LGBT folks (so think Grindr, but … you know … not Grindr) which leads a couple of flatmates into a spot of bother. Starring X Factor's Lloyd Daniels.