Exposure: Lomond Campbell

Exposure: Lomond Campbell

Campbell on the orgins of Lomond, collaboration with River of Slime and 'Glasburgh'

You may know Ziggy Campbell as one of the members of Edinburgh-based collective FOUND. Now, under the moniker of Lomond Campbell, he’s releasing his debut EP Only A City Apart. Ahead of the EP’s launch at a secret house gig in Edinburgh, Campbell tells us about the birth of Lomond, building whisky tasting machines and whether he’s a Weegie or an Edinbugger at heart.

How did Lomond Campbell come about?
King Creosote took a photo of me standing in front of the Lomond hills and decided to rename me Lomond Campbell. I used that pseudonym to support him on a couple of shows and found that the mindset of getting into character helped me get over the anxiety of performing. I think of Lomond Campbell as everything I'm not: sophisticated, charming, articulate, pleasant when drunk and possibly the owner of a small Hebridean island.  

Tell us about the recording process behind Only A City Apart.
I recorded the EP while I was building a whisky tasting machine so progress was a bit staggered. The Pictish Trail paid me a visit and I cajoled him into recording some vocals for a song on the EP called 'Yesterday's You & Me'. We were both grotesquely hungover and I was making him sing in as high a register as he could. It sounded great but the look of anguish on his face in between takes is something that will haunt me forever. It's always satisfying to finish a record but I'm particularly pleased with this one. You can't go wrong with dusky blue vinyl and an unflattering close-up picture of your own heavily bearded face on the sleeve, right?

And what’s this about a secret house gig?
It's in a really bonny house in Edinburgh on Sat 20 Jul. Spaces are limited and all who attend will be given a free vinyl copy of my EP as well as a copy of River of Slime's new EP. In addition we'll be serving up whisky beforehand.

What else does the rest of the year hold for Lomond Campbell?
For the rest of the summer I'll be recording a collaborative album with River of Slime which will come out on Chemikal Underground. We've been playing a few shows together and experimenting with electronic instruments from various eras. It's quite unpredictable equipment we use and sometimes the sound takes on a life of its own. I don't know if these are the best bits or the worst.  

And lastly, a toughy! With the name of the EP in mind, which is the better city? Glasgow or Edinburgh?
Acht, how can you do that to me? Edinburgh and Glasgow should just amalgamate in to one megacity called Glasburgh. It would mean we'd lose Falkirk of course, but I think ultimately it would be worth it.

Neu! Reekie! at The Poetry Club, Glasgow, Fri 19 Jul; the 12” EP will be given away for free at a secret house gig in Edinburgh on Sat 20 Jul. To reserve a space email 42music42@musician.org. The remaining copies will be available from Chemikal Underground & Fence Records online shops or to download from lomondcampbell.bandcamp.com; Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh, Sat 3 Aug; City Art Centre, Edinburgh, Thu 15 Aug.

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