The Stone Roses - Glasgow Green, Sat 15 Jun 2013 (4 stars)

The Stone Roses - Glasgow Green, Sat 15 Jun 2013

No new material but a pretty great reunion gig nonetheless

The best band in the world in the second-best city in the world,’ was how bass player Mani chose to sign off from this soggy but poignant return to the scene of one of The Stone Roses’ greatest triumphs, adding 'We wish we was Glaswegian.’ Twenty-three years to the month after the original line-up of the band played their final show on UK soil until 2012 right here, the talk amongst those who were there was of Roses legend dictating how that date – and not in fact the more celebrated Spike Island – was the finest of their original reign.

This all-dayer might not earn a similar accolade in Stone Roses v3.0 folklore, partly down to the rain and the reduced sense that the earth was tipping on a generation-defining axis this time round, but it was still pretty great, as acknowledged by the band’s own euphoric, back-slapping bow at the end. They had just led us through a set only minimally altered from last year’s first reunion dates, following the rough shape of their debut album from ‘I Wanna Be Adored’ to ‘I Am the Resurrection’ by way of ‘She Bangs the Drums’, ‘This is the One’ and ‘Made of Stone’, all highlights. New additions of old songs were mostly welcome (the breezy ‘Elephant Stone’ was, not so much the meandering ‘Breaking Into Heaven’), although some might have been mildly disappointed at another summer passing with no new material.

The Stone Roses - I Wanna Be Adored

The Stone Roses - I Am The Resurrection

The Stone Roses - She Bangs The Drums

The Stone Roses 'This is the One' Live @ Coachella 2013

stone roses made of stone

The Stone Roses - "Elephant Stone"

Stone Roses - Breaking Into Heaven