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Sandra Marron casts an eye over Glasgay!’s film programme

Glasgay!’s film programme is a much smaller affair this year. Specialist releases have been replaced by a handful of more mainstream movies. This is due to low audience figures and also the fact that most gay films will have already reached Glasgow as part of other festivals. Rather than screening films that have already been released on DVD the festival has opted for a more accessible programme.

Glasgay! producer Steven Thomson defends the decision to scale down the strand. ‘We are at the end of the festivals season so film choices have been well exercised before they even get to Glasgow. What I’ve done this year is rather than programme lots of issue-based work that doesn’t get a big audience we have tried to focus on mainstream quality tickets and good production values – well-made movies that will be popular.’

Two such movies are Maria Maggenti’s lesbian chick flick Puccini for Beginners and Philip J Bartell’s Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds. Thomson describes Puccini for Beginners, set in modern day New York, as: ‘Friends with lesbians. It’s a miscommunication comedy; it’s all about dating and the mistakes around dating and it’s a sort of a funny, fluffy combination of Friends and Sex and The City with a straight and lesbian dating mix-up.’

Sloppy Seconds is a tongue-in-cheek eye candy movie which follows the coming-out journey of a character played by a well-known US gay porn star. According to Thomson: ‘there’s lots of behind the scenes naughtiness. A mainstream choice but with lots of flesh.’

Thomson goes on to sum up the programme. ‘For me, the quick way to describe the entire film programme is guns, flesh, coffee and drugs.’

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