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Golden Teacher, AR Droops, Naked and Stefan Blomeier singles rated

Golden Teacher
Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night EP
(Optimo) ●●●●
More self-proclaimed 'hypno-psych voodoo groove' and 'fourth world feakouts' (these guys should be reviewers) from the Ultimate Thrush/Silk Cut analogue synth and drum machine-toting collaboration that brought you the perversely slamming ‘Dante & Pilgrim’. Lead track ‘Like A Hawk’ is a Leftfield's Leftism-esque Afro-electro jam by way of Dinosaur L, powered onward to a strange, hypnotic, phantasmagorical place by the thrill of feeling like it might all fall apart at any moment.

AR Droops
Breakfast Bar
(Self-release) ●●●
A speccy Glaswegian guy out of an electro band (Conquering Animal Sound) doing comedy hip hop on the side may inspire homicidal thoughts in some, but that says more about them than it does Ar Droops. The first taste of Droop Diddy’s (Droop Dogg’s?) forthcoming debut mixtape is evidence of a flow as smooth as a busted toilet flush, but you’ve got to love a rapper who pre-empts his own celebrity with an accompanying MTV Cribs-style Youtube video showing us round his Shawlands gaff, replete with, yes, busted toilet flush.

Lie Follows Lie
(Self-release) ●●●
Naked? But we’ve only just met. Brand new on the Edinburgh scene and featuring members of St Jude’s Infirmary, Magic Eye and Edinburgh School For The Deaf, this arty indie trio’s debut single is all chiming guitars, minimal down-tempo electronic beats and Liz Fraser-style ethereal gobbledygook vocals, all held together with a lingering air of lustful tension – think The xx on Viagra. Vocalist Agnes Gryczkowska’s relationship with pitch becomes somewhat fractious as the song progresses, but this is an otherwise auspicious arrival set to slowly quicken pulses.

Stefan Blomeier
Unexpected Journey
(Lux) ●●●●
There are few sounds in music more apt to inspire a frisson of Proustian satisfaction than the cosmic, fickle squelch and squawk of an analogue synthesiser weighted down by a good, fat four-to-the-floor kick drum. And there’s plenty of both – indeed, little else – across this EP of retro but definitely not nostalgic acid house from Scotland-based Dane Blomeier, released via Zurich-based electronic label Lux. As the title suggests, there’s an impromptu, exploratory feel to these freakily freeform, dawn-splits-the-curtains grooves – music for the after-party’s after-party.

Ar Droops: Cribs In The Costa Del Shawl.

Stefan Blomeier - Singular Encounters

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