PBH Free Fringe Fundraiser recommended by comedian Stu Murphy

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  • 11 July 2013
PBH Free Fringe Fundraiser recommended by comedian Stu Murphy

Peter Buckley-Hill provides spaces for acts putting on free quality shows amid increasingly corporate and money-driven festival

Before the city descends into the crowded madness of another festival, there comes the usual array of acts feverishly presenting previews of their Edinburgh offerings for the year.

There is one preview however that stands out. For years now Peter Buckley-Hill has been a force for good at an increasingly corporate, money-driven festival, providing spaces for acts to put on quality shows for free to a delighted public. On Tue 16 Jul at The Stand Comedy Club in Edinburgh, many fantastic comics will come together to perform at a fundraising evening for the PBH Free Fringe. So if you want to beat the pack to some great comedy and help a true gentleman bring value to the masses, now's your chance.

PBH Free Fringe Fundraiser, The Stand, Edinburgh, Tue 16 Jul.
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