Lomond Campbell - Only A City Apart (4 stars)

Lomond Campbell - Only A City Apart

Impressively coherent and diverse debut EP from FOUND collective member

(Chemikal Underground)

The debut EP from FOUND collective member Lomond Campbell is an interesting beast. It’s an impressively coherent record with a sweeping cinematic arc, yet it alternates between several different musical moods with relative ease. Campbell specialises in a kind of cult movie soundtrack electronica; here it sounds, at times, like anything from krautrock to indie pop and post-rock. The brooding electronica of opening track ‘Push To Make’ — a sunny, summery march of fuzz and scattergun melody -- gives way to the distinctive Scots-lilt and indie twang of ‘Another Chancer’, with Campbell’s sweetly laidback vocal the standout element. Indeed it’s the vocals that make the record really soar at times — adding texture and heart to the proceedings.

The EP maintains a hypnotic tempo and otherworldly ambience throughout, punctuated by moments of pure pop. ‘Yesterday’s You & Me’, with guest vocals from The Pictish Trail, is a fabulous 1980s-style pop song with a stirring vocal denouement. Meanwhile the eerie, faraway refrain of ‘How To Appear Attentive’ disappears off into the distance in a shimmering 1 min 54 interlude. ‘It’s Too Late To Be Right’ is another display of Campbell’s talents as a vocalist with a great sense of timing and occasion. At the end of it all is the playful, mysterious, moody, eight-minute long ‘Hit The Kiss Button’, which crashes out in a brilliant throb of feedback, buzzing drones and low-end pulses.

The first music to come out of the FOUND stable since the collective’s acclaimed 2011 album factorycraft, Campbell is releasing ‘Only A City Apart’ as a limited edition coloured vinyl. It’s a tasty appetiser ahead of his forthcoming collaborative full album with River of Slime, due to come out on Chemikal Underground later in 2013.

The 12” EP will be given away for free at a secret house concert in Edinburgh on Sat 20 Jul. To reserve a space email 42music42@musician.org

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