Ray Donovan (3 stars)

Ray Donovan

Jon Voight and Liev Schreiber star as L.A.'s rich and famous 'fixers'

TV used to be where actors went after their movie career, now they are falling over themselves for a gritty high profile series. So another month, another US import with a high profile cast. This time it’s Jon Voight alongside Liev Schreiber in the title role. Ray Donovan is the man celebs call when the shit hits the fan -- the opening episode features all the usual Hollywood fallout: stalkers, gay rumours, dead prostitutes – Ray and his team are the ultimate clean-up crew. Alongside this trawl through LA's underbelly Ray's dysfunctional family are at breaking point particularly with his father (Voight) just out of prison.

It layers on so many 'edgy' story elements (an alcoholic brother, suicide, epileptic ex-Disney stars) it doesn't have time to develop any of them with real depth. Obviously the pilot has a lot of info to cram in, so hopefully as the season progresses each plot thread will get a chance to breathe. It's a slick show, Schreiber can do gruff and intimidating in his sleep, but the script needs to develop the characters beyond the assembled clichéd 'troubled' traits.

Sky Atlantic, Tue, 16 Jul

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