Surge festival brings strand of Catalonian street theatre to Glasgow

Surge - Outdoors

credit: Alan McAteer

Catalonian street theatre companies Kamchatcka, Fadunito and the Wondering Orquestra to perform at SURGE 2013

This year’s SURGE festival brings an exciting strand of Catalonian street theatre to Glasgow. Over the last weekend of July, five shows by acclaimed Catalan theatre groups will make their way through the Merchant City. One of them is Kamchatka, in which a group of migrants respond to the new world around them.

Kamchatka is a show I’ve wanted to bring here since 2010,’ says Alan Richardson, director at SURGE creators Conflux. ‘It’s one of the best street theatre shows in Europe, they’re incredibly skilled walkabout street performers. The whole show is improvised but it’s always very good.’

Acclaimed Fadunito also present slapstick comedy The Grand Family; Ceci 3.0, which questions attitudes towards disability by inviting onlookers to sit in a remote-controlled wheelchair; and Externet, an installation about communication devised with community volunteers. Together with a new show from The Wandering Orquestra, Richardson hopes SURGE’s Catalonian programme will help introduce high quality street theatre to modern audiences and theatre-makers in Scotland.

Kamchatka and Ceci have an underlying political statement that’s not rammed down your throat,’ he explains, ‘and The Grand Family and The Wandering Orquestra are just funny. That wide variety of work is good for both audiences and performers to see that street theatre isn’t just people juggling on unicycles.’

Merchant City, Glasgow, Sat 27–Sun 28 Jul

Kamchatka Street Theatre

CECI 3.0 - Compagnie Fadunito - Espagne


Who are the mysterious characters who all move as one? An improvisation show dealing with the essence of theatre in public space.


A project aimed at stirring children's interest in poetry, literature and other forms of communication. With a focus on modern media including mobile phones, blogging, Facebook and Twitter.

Ceci 3.0

A wheelchair, seemingly abandoned in the street, starts to move. A show to help demystify children's fears.

The Wandering Orquestra

Five musicians turn up in the wrong city to play a concert. Theatrical musical comedy for all ages.

The Grand Family

A family of giants rampage through the streets on speeding tricycles and a pram.