Carla Scott Fullerton: Occupying Forms

Carla Scott Fullerton: Occupying Forms

Glaswegian artist invites viewer to two-dimensional representation of our industrial environment

Coming from a rural environment, Carla Scott Fullerton’s creative process is inspired by her experience of the contrasting urban landscape. She creates her sculptural work by deconstructing architectural forms and using raw building materials based on their unique qualities and character. Concrete, steel and glass, in their honest, natural forms, are essential to the design, creation and spirit of her sculptures and form the basis of her abstract prints in Occupying Forms at the Glasgow Print Studio.

Incorporating old and new materials in her sculptural work, the Glasgow-based artist remains true to the inherent nature and individuality of these raw elements, allowing them to dictate their own form. Her prints present these unpredictable forms in a carefully composed manner, juxtaposing irregular shapes with geometric and linear arrangements. Through this simplification of form and line, she creates a rhythmic play of parts in her prints, connecting the materials of the built environment with the subjectivity of human experience and perception.

Scott Fullerton’s prints have strong modernist qualities, and the placement of her work within the gallery is carefully composed to respond to the exhibition space, engaging the viewer in a sensory experience of the two-dimensional representation of the industrial environment.

Glasgow Print Studio, Glasgow, until Sun 18 Aug

Carla Scott Fullerton: Occupying Forms

Work by artist taking a sculptor's approach to printmaking, producing etched steel prints which she then uses to print with.

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