Sherlock star Una Stubbs: I collect Chinese stamps from fan letters

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  • 6 July 2013
Una Stubbs

Una Stubbs

'Sherlock' star Una Stubbs receives "a lot of Chinese fan mail" and loves it because she keeps the stamps for her grandchildren

'Sherlock' star Una Stubbs receives "a lot of Chinese fan mail".

The 76-year-old actress - who plays Sherlock Holmes' landlady, Mrs Hudson in the Bafta award-winning television series - is highly sought after by fans around the globe but she admits she loves getting them from her Chinese followers because she likes to save the stamps for her grandchildren.

She told Radio Times magazine: "A lot of Chinese fan mail. I save the stamps and send bundles of fantastic Chinese stamps off to my grandchildren."

The last series of the BBC One drama ended on a cliffhanger as bosses of the show faked Sherlock Holmes' death and the detective appeared to come to a sticky end after a fall. Sherlock's sidekick Doctor John Watson (Martin Freeman) is last seen going to check whether Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) is still alive.

Quizzed on whether she knows any details on about how Sherlock will return to life, Una said: "I really don't. Because you might tell the person you love and they're not sworn to secrecy as you are, and they might tell somebody else and so on. I'm not sure that Benedict Cumberbatch knows."

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