BBC Three Comedy Feeds comedy showcase

BBC Three Comedy Feeds

Nick Helm, Cariad Lloyd, Chris Corcoran and Elis James amongst the best of the showcase

For every Ideal, Nighty Night and Catterick that BBC Three have produced, there have been absolute fistfuls of Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show, Coming of Age and One Non Blonde. So, no wonder that the channel is pulling out as many stops as it can to stem the tide of comedic mediocrity that it has tragically become synonymous with. To that end, a second flurry of Comedy Feeds has just been unleashed online with various acts delivering up to half an hour of make-or-break comedy entertainment.

Among the winners are the larger-than-existence Nick Helm who really should have lost all his vocal abilities by now. The fulsome bellowing at his audience in particular and the world in general would be quickly wearing were it not leavened by some sharp pay-off lines and nifty asides as he mesmerises his studio gathering with belly laughs aplenty. And if you’ve witnessed his confrontational live act, you’ll know just how literal that can be.

Cariad Lloyd is clearly one of the more gifted female character comics rising through the ranks at the moment with her Gaga-esque uber-diva and twisted ageing cockney tough nut especially impressive. And waggish Welsh pair Chris Corcoran and Elis James put together a rather neat rendition of a petty committee meeting scenario in a working men’s club in front of a live crowd. But a BBC Three comedy showcase wouldn’t be the same without some real horror shows. The guilty parties shall remain anonymous here, but for a very long year, their dire efforts are just a couple of clicks away.

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