Jimmy Carr set for 2013 UK tour

Jimmy Carr

Controversial comic playing to his natural fanbase on tour

Even the most ardent anti-Jimmy Carr observer must have felt a little bit sorry for him the other month when he took the bother of showing up to an Arts Emergency charity gig only for him to be greeted with a tirade of abuse from the crowd. And just for telling some of his standard close-to-the-knuckle gags. Or perhaps some people will simply never forgive and forget when it comes to the issue of tax liability.

His appearance may have been cut short that night (though he did squeeze in a song before leaving the stage), but he’s surely on safer ground here as he plays to his natural constituency during the Gagging Order tour. Since those days of playing third or fourth fiddle on the Rubbernecker shows in 2001 alongside Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Robin Ince, his increased fame is the only thing that has really changed: the Carr style, content and delivery are pretty much the same, although he does a little more giggling nowadays.

If you like your humour sharp and caustic, Jimmy Carr is your man. If you’re a little too sensitive about life’s harsher topics, there’s probably something nice on the telly for you to watch on a Saturday evening.

SECC, Glasgow, Sat 10 Aug.

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