Hitlist - The best comedy

Jim Tavare

• Jim Tavare When can a bald guy with a double bass ever be funny? When he’s Jim Tavare, that’s when. The Stand, Edinburgh, Tue 23 Oct; the Stand, Glasgow, Wed 24 Oct.

• Brendon Burns This year’s if.comeddie victor laps it up with a sort-of, though not-really greatest hits tour. Maggie May’s, Glasgow, Fri 19 Oct.

• Jim Jeffries This issue’s other bombastic Aussie returns after a tremendous Fringe run in which no one got on stage to try and take a swing. Jongleurs, Edinburgh, Fri 19 & Sat 20 Oct.

• Russell Howard The housewives favourite drops our way as part of his Adventures tour with more quickfire tomfoolery. The Stand, Glasgow, Mon 29 Oct.

• Martha McBrier Another Fringe favourite swings by with more comic tales which may or may not discuss heckling. Depending on how many she gets, suppose. The Stand, Glasgow, Thu 1 Nov.

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