Big Brother's Dan issued warning

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  • 5 July 2013
Dan Neal

Dan Neal

Dan Neal was issued a formal caution by 'Big Brother' last night (04.07.13) after threatening violence against his fellow housemate Callum Knell

Dan Neal was issued a formal caution by 'Big Brother' last night (04.07.13) after threatening violence.

The policeman - who was previously investigating Operation Yewtree, the probe set up in the wake of the sex abuse claims made against disgraced 'Jim'll Fix It' presenter Jimmy Savile - was given the warning after he repeatedly threatened to punch fellow housemate Callum Knell.

Dan was furious after Callum voted for him in the face-to-face nominations, explaining his choice was because they are "not very close", which Dan described as a "lame reason".

He then went into a fiery outburst and raged: "I felt like punching him in the face.

"He f***ing winds me up. I could have punched him. I don't like him.

"It's the way he speaks. I want to punch him in the face."

As a result of his angry explosion, Big Brother called Dan into the Diary Room to be reprimanded.

A Channel 5 spokesman told the Daily Star newspaper: "The normal protocols were followed."

While Dan and Callum appeared to be getting on well on Wednesday (03.07.13), Dan now believes Callum is "playing a game".

He said: "He's trying too hard to be nice.

"He must see me as a threat. He wants to be the nice guy."

Dan, Dexter Koh, Gina Rio and Wolfy Millington were all put up for eviction this week, but on Wednesday night's show it was revealed there will be a fake double eviction tonight (05.07.13) instead.

One pair, either Dan and Wolfy or Dexter and Gina, will be put into a secret Safe House, where the duo will live a life of luxury in the new part of their abode, which is off the garden of the main house.

However, their fellow housemates will assume the duo has been evicted for real until next week when the lucky pair, who will be immune from nominations, will make a sensational return to the house.

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