Profile: Mancunian DJ Moonboots

Profile : Moonboots

As Moonboots hits Glasgow's Melting Pot, we profile the Mancunian DJ


A Manchester stalwart who, along with Jason Boardman, has been running the Aficionado night for the last fifteen years. A relaxed DJ who still favours the true meaning of Balearic (even though he's never been to Ibiza).

How would you describe your DJing style?
'I wouldn't call myself the most technically adept DJ but I like records to breathe so I'm all up for playing tracks in their entirety. Also I like to throw the odd curveball in there. I guess I'm not too bothered about keeping up with current trends but a good record is a good record. If I like it, I'll play it.'

How did you first start DJing professionally*
'I always bought records and around late '88 I got asked to play, badly, at various friends parties. Then I got a job at Eastern Bloc records and the gigs picked up from there. I was still pretty rubbish but at least by then I was getting paid.'

How would you define Balearic?
'It's an all-encompassing term which means everything from new-age and flamenco through to dubbed-out industrial with a bit of everything else in between. It's the 'anything goes' attitude that I fell in love with in the first place. For me, there's nothing more boring than listening to the same musical style/tempo all night. I love peaks and troughs. It's sort of become more fashionable in recent times, which makes me laugh though.'

What can we expect on the night?
'Musically it'll be pretty much all over the place. I've been digging out a lot of nice disco, some great 80s European records and even the odd acid track. If you fancy hearing the greatest record you've never heard before, pop along.'

Moonboots guests at Melting Pot, The Universal, Glasgow, Sat 3 Aug.

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