Juliet Conlin - The Fractured Man (4 stars)

Juliet Conlin - The Fractured Man

An addictive psychological thriller dipped in a ghostly atsmosphere


Psychoanalyst Elliot Taverley aspires to groundbreaking results in graphology. When a stranger with an unusual condition appears at his office, Elliot believes he will be the catalyst for his breakthrough.

However, as Elliot starts treating the stranger, his work begins to consume him. His obsession jeopardises his own mental condition and soon he is unable to prevent his troubled past from unravelling.

The prose is deliciously dark and hypnotic. Despite being an ambitious debut, Conlin has managed to create a psychological thriller fused with the spine-tingling atmosphere of a ghost story. She lures the reader into the troubled protagonist’s past, divulging secrets crumb by crumb, until their patience is finally rewarded with an electrifying conclusion.

In thriller novels in particular, timing is everything, and Conlin achieves that rare balance of creating suspense that lasts without tiring the reader into skipping ahead to the last few pages. An addictive thriller that will make you begrudge anyone who tries to make you focus on anything else besides finishing just one more chapter.

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