Glasgow Comic Con 2013 celebrates films, comics and fandom

Glasgow Comic Con

Comic convention guests include Alan Davis, Alan Grant, John Higgins, Carlos Ezqurra and Rufus Dayglo

Glasgow is set to be the scene of the battle of the comic conventions. The contenders are the three-year-old Glasgow Comic Con, on this month, (CCA, Sat 13--Sun 14 Jul) and the in-no-way-affiliated inaugural MCM Expo Scotland Comic Con (SECC, Sat 7 Sep). It's Glasgow's own Judean People's Front versus The People's Front of Judea, but with spandex.

Great news, then, for hardcore fans of superheroes and cosplay, but also for literary types who may be new to comics. The next few weeks are a good chance to dip a toe into some of the finest graphic novel universes.

Since the annual Glasgow Comic Con began in 2011, it's kept a strong literary focus. Expect to see a huge number of authors and artists, including Alan Davis (working on Wolverine), Alan Grant (writer of graphic novels featuring Batman and Superman), and Spider-Man supremo Barry Kitson.

Popular narratives and obscure titles alike are available to browse, and you can also meet publishing groups including Scottish collective Team Girl Comic. There's a cosplay competition too, so if you're up for fully embracing the world of comics this year, it might just be worth investing in a sewing machine as well as some extra bookshelf space.

Glasgow Comic Con, CCA, Glasgow, Sat 13--Sun 14 Jul; MCM Expo Scotland Comic Con, SECC, Glasgow, Sat 7 Sep.

Glasgow Comic Con

A comic convention with the focus very much on comics and their creators, writers, illustrators and readers. There are traders and exhibitors, a cosplay competition and a stacked guest list leading panels, talks and workshops.

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