5 reasons to go to ... Mouse taxidermy class

5 Reasons To Go To - Mouse Taxidermy Class

Two-day course in Edinburgh teaches you the art of mice taxidermy

1 Learn new skills
Taught by an expert from the London Taxidermy Academy, this two-day course is an introduction to the art and teaches everything you need to know, from stuffing and mounting your first animal (what do you mean it’s only your first?) to how to apply these newly-learned skills in other areas of your life.

2 It's crafting for cool kids
Crafting has taken off in a big way over recent years, but there’s always been a niche to fill for people unmoved by knitting or cross stitch. Now there’s a chance for those who prefer their crafts to come with a whiff of death to jump on the bandwagon.

3 It’s in an erotic boutique
Forget uni lecture rooms or community centres, a unique environment is needed in order to get those creative juices running. The unconventional, but in the best possible taste, backdrop of specialist books and interesting toys is bound to open your mind and once the class finishes, you can do a spot of browsing. You know, while you’re in there.

4 Find your soulmate…?
The White Rabbit is as welcoming and non-judgemental as you'd imagine. And let’s face it, if your idea of fun is cutting open deceased animals, stuffing them with cotton and sewing them shut again, this might not be something to mention casually over after-work drinks. But here you already know you’ll share a hobby with your classmates.

5 Potential presents
In these times of austerity, aren't handmade gifts much more pleasing to receive? Plus, think of the hours of fun to be had freaking out your flatmate with your stuffed creation. And even if the idea of handling a dead mouse gives you the heave, the shop plans to get some small pieces in to sell, so you won't even have to do any of the nasty work yourself.

White Rabbit, Edinburgh, Sat 20--Sun 21 Jul.

Mouse Taxidermy

We all have varied interests, right? Turns out for Heatherette, it's singing in the band Her Royal Highness and stuffing dead mice with cotton and then stitching them back together. She shows you how to do the latter at this two-day workshop. Price includes mice, presumably.

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