Modern Lovers

Modern Lovers

Ego, Edinburgh, Fri 26 Oct


‘A supper dance with a bingo intermission,’ jokes Modern Lovers’ Craig Jamieson when asked what plans he has for his club’s latest birthday party. ‘Seven years, you see: we’re all getting on a bit.’ Which is nonsense, of course. As with any club which makes it to such an age, Modern Lovers isn’t a creaky, stale old institution, rather one which has only grown in respect and esteem.

‘The initial idea was just to do a night where like-minded people who wanted to hear something different could meet up,’ says Jamieson. ‘Seven years on I still meet these kinds of people down at the club. Its endurance is probably a combination of things: DJs who aren’t complacent and a friendly, warm crowd who are determined to enjoy themselves.’

As Jamieson points out, the club set out to avoid the fragmented retro scene that existed in Edinburgh in the late 90s, so he played Northern Soul beside breaks and rare grooves, 60s freakbeat and psych next to ska and reggae. ‘It’s a pure eclecticism that, interestingly, most retro clubs throughout the UK have started incorporating,’ he says.

With The Horrors’ Spider Webb and Babyshambles’ Mik Whitnall lined up to guest at the next two dates, the Modern Lovers soul train looks set to keep rolling. ‘I won’t be outstaying any welcome,’ says Jamieson, ‘but, as Modern Lovers is an extension of how much I love looking for and uncovering new music, I don’t intend to stop doing either in the immediate future.’

Modern Lovers

Soul, funk, garage, freak beat, psyche and more from Craig Jamieson and Axel.

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