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Radioactive Man

Name Radioactive Man aka Keith Tenniswood.

Occupation Non-lone member of Two Lone Swordsmen, alongside somewhat legendary house and rock’n’roll producer Andrew Weatherall. Tenniswood is also a DJ for hire whose tastes centre on dirty electro and hard-edged techno; his liking for assorted off-the-wall strangeness is almost as diverse as Weatherall’s. He runs the Control Tower electro label alongside Simon Brown, aka The Dexorcist, and the Rotters Golf Club imprint with Weatherall.

Greatest hits Despite releasing various records under his Radioactive Man alias on Rotters Golf Club (notably 2001’s self-titled debut and 2003’s Booby Trap), Tenniswood is most famous for Two Lone Swordsmen’s output. His association with Weatherall started when the pair frequented the same mid-90s techno clubs together – including Weatherall’s own Sabresonic – and Tenniswood began helping engineer Weatherall’s old band Sabres of Paradise. The Swordsmen’s releases have appeared on Warp and their own label, the most recent being this year’s punk-disco studio-set Wrong Meeting and Wrong Meeting II.

Any other business? Also on the bill is Kid Twist, aka Colin Bailey, who adopts an upbeat kind of glitch-disco sound. Originally from Oban, Bailey started DJing and producing when he lived in Glasgow (he still helps run the monthly New Wave/Krautrock/ rock’n’roll night Kaput! at the Hold, underneath the Admiral Bar), but his career has taken off following a recent move to London. Regularly played on Mary Anne Hobbs’ Radio One show and a semi-regular at Fabric (the club), Tenniswood’s debut LP is pencilled in as the first non-compilation artist album on Fabric (the label). It’s intended that record will be produced by fellow Scot Howie B, who famously worked with the likes of Björk and U2. Catch him here before everyone knows his name.

Radioactive Man and Kid Twist play Kinky Afro’s eighth birthday at the Sub Club, Glasgow, Fri 26 Oct.

Kinky Afro

Very special guest Matthew Herbert joins the residents for their tenth birthday and last ever night.

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