Dynamo 'terrified' filming show in hurricane

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  • 1 July 2013


Dynamo was "terrified" and "scared" while filming the third series of his 'Magician Impossible' show in New York, so much so he thought he might die during the natural disaster

Dynamo feared he would die in Hurricane Sandy when he was filming 'Magician Impossible' in New York.

The 30-year-old illusionist was "terrified" when he got caught up in the natural disaster while filming the forthcoming third series of his Watch show, but he was hugely impressed with the spirit shown by New Yorkers in their efforts to rebuild the city.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "We were there during the hurricane, we got caught up in it. It was incredibly scary and terrifying, not really knowing if we were going to survive it.

"It's impossible to describe the panic, not knowing what's happening, losing connection, not having phone service to call people back home and let them know you're OK.

"After the hurricane had passed, thankfully I managed to survive it, seeing New Yorkers come together to rebuild it was amazing.

"It literally went from one of the craziest, busiest cities to a standstill. Within two days it was back on its feet and obviously certain people were mourning loved ones, but it's a testament to the city how quickly it got back on its feet.

"I just hope my show, the episode that is featured during that disaster, shows how amazing New Yorkers really are."

After feeling inspired by the New Yorkers' courage, Dynamo decided to focus the third series of his show on them rather than himself.

He added: "The people of New York inspired me. They were incredible. I was initially going to use this series to show how I've changed and evolved as a person and performer since series one. I've gone form a boy to a man so to speak.

"But after this happened I changed my agenda to focus on the people of New York and less on myself because I think they deserved all the attention. They were the real magicians in this one."

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The new series of 'Dynamo: Magician Impossible' begins on Thursday July 11 at 9pm on Watch.


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