Big Brother's Dan could be axed for bullying

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  • 27 June 2013
Dan Neal

Dan Neal

'Big Brother' contestant Dan Neal could be axed for bullying fellow housemate Wolfy Millington in a police-like interrogation, which made her vomit and gave her a nose bleed

'Big Brother' contestant Dan Neal could be axed after bullying a fellow housemate.

The 33-year-old police detective - who was part of Operation Yewtree, Scotland Yard's probe into celebrity sex offences in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal - aggressively questioned fellow contestant Wolfy Millington about her personal life, which caused the distraught 20-year-old to vomit and suffer a nosebleed.

The situation was so worrying that producers called in an on-site doctor to attend to Wolfy - whose nosebleed was described as an "explosion" - and show bosses are now closely monitoring Dan's behaviour, vowing to eject him from the house if he causes more problems, according to the Daily Star newspaper.

Dan last week discovered that fellow housemate Michael Dylan was a professional actor who had been planted in the house by producers and seems to be paranoid his other housemates may be fakes, too.

The Essex native left Wolfy, from Lancashire, in floods of tears after the police-like interrogation and the distressed contestant branded him a "drama gossipy b***h".

Seeking comfort from fellow housemate Hazel O'Sullivan, she said: "I've given myself a nosebleed because of this. Why does he need to know every detail of my f**king life? He's so judgemental. He's pushing and pushing.

"Why can't he just leave it? I don't question him about everything. Why am I so f***ing fascinating? It's like everything's too unbelievable for him. He has to question everything."

A Channel 5 spokesperson said it was "monitoring the situation between Dan and Wolfy".

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