Removal men take belongings from Nigella Lawson's marital home

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  • 27 June 2013
Nigella Lawson

Nigella Lawson

Removal men were spotted at the £12 million home which Nigella Lawson shares with her husband Charles Saatchi carrying out clothes and paintings, among other belongings, sparking rumours she is moving out

Removal men took away Nigella Lawson's belongings from the house she shares with Charles Saatchi yesterday (26.06.13).

A selection of items were moved from the £12 million home in London's Chelsea to her own place in Mayfair, while some were placed in storage too.

The moving comes two weeks after photographs emerged showing Charles with his hand around the throat of the TV chef as they argued outside Scott's restaurant in London. He has since accepted a police caution for assault.

The removal team, who appeared in the middle of the afternoon while the millionaire art collector was out, were reportedly directed by Nigella's sister, Horatio, as they carried out a food processor, clothes and paintings, fitness equipment, toys, toiletries and a bag of wrapping paper.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "It really does seem to be the end."

Recently, Nigella has been spotted out in public without her wedding ring on, further fuelling speculation she is ending their rumours.

Previously, an aide close to Nigella revealed she is preparing for a split with neither party making an attempt to "save the marriage".

The source said: "Her heart is bleeding right now. She wants out.

"Neither her nor Charles are interested in counselling or trying to save the marriage. It seems they're done and she is broken and desolate."

It is expected proceedings would be finalised in two years, and a friend suggested the end to the relationship would come as a "relief".

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