Big Brother bosses in police raid fear

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  • 26 June 2013
Dan Neal

Dan Neal

'Big Brother' bosses were concerned police would raid the house after Dan Neal sparked a drunken brawl between him and Jemima Slade

'Big Brother' bosses feared police would raid the house after Dan Neal sparked a drunken brawl.

Producers were concerned cops might want to question the 33-year-old police officer over his previous involvement with Operation Yewtree - the probe set up in the wake of the sex abuse claims made against disgraced 'Jim'll Fix It' presenter Jimmy Savile - after he clashed with housemate Jemima Slade.

One show source told the Daily Star newspaper: "There's concern they might want to question him. They've done it before with other housemates."

While there weren't any punches thrown during the incident, producers placed security guards on standby throughout and the live TV feed was temporarily stopped as staff monitored the dispute.

A show insider explained: "This row exploded out of nowhere. They had all had a good drink. Tempers just reached boiling point and it looked like it was going to kick off.

"As soon as we saw it getting seriously heated in the house we moved the security guards into the camera run so that they could get into the house in seconds."

The row erupted when Dan reportedly claimed Jemima - who was handed a formal warning by Big Brother after an argument with housemate Gina Rio last week - was exaggerating information about her baby daughter, who she had to resuscitate after the little one "died" in front of her, to gain sympathy.

Jemima reacted angrily to his comments and is then said to have been repeatedly claiming he "wished my baby was dead".

Another show source added: "It escalated into a massive barney. Jemima was screaming her head off but Dan refused to back down."

Jemima, Gina and Dexter Koh all face eviction on Friday (28.06.13).

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