San Cisco want to 'kill each other'

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  • 25 June 2013
San Cisco

San Cisco

San Cisco want to "kill each other" seventy per cent of the time they're on tour, although they're having the time of their lives during the rest of it

San Cisco want to "kill each other seventy per cent of the time" on tour.

The Australian four piece have made it most of way around the world performing, but admit spending hours in a cramped van can make them claustrophobic and irritable.

Singer Jordi Davieson told BANG Showbiz: "Seventy per cent of the time we want to kill each other and thirty is really fun."

Scarlett Stevens added: "It can't be fun all the time."

When asked who they would like to tour with, Jordi suggested The Strokes but Scarlett wasn't so sure, saying: "No - I don't think they wouldn't be fun to tour with - they don't like each other!"

The 'Fred Astaire' band - which also includes Josh Biondillo and Nick Gardener - have a busy summer of touring ahead of them, including performing on the bill for the Lollapalooza festival in the US in August as well as touring the UK, where they will perform at the Reading and Leeds festivals, at the end of August.

The band are releasing their self-titled debut album on July 29, but Jordi is already looking forward to starting the next one.

He told "I'm really happy to have the album out there and give people a good introduction into what we're trying to do. We're already really excited about writing the next album though. We're already getting a few tracks and ideas down."

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