Spencer Matthews: Cheating on Lucy was 'meaningless'

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  • 25 June 2013
Spencer and Lucy at the BAFTA TV Awards

Spencer Matthews and Lucy Watson

Spencer Matthews has confessed to sleeping with two different women while he was dating Lucy Watson, but she claims he cheated on her on every one of the eight nights they spent apart during their relationship

Spencer Matthews says cheating on Lucy Watson was "as meaningful as going to the bar and ordering a drink".

The 'Made in Chelsea' hunk has confessed he slept with two people while on lads holidays in Barcelona and Zante when he was dating his brunette co-star, and insists it was "very easy" to cheat on Lucy because he was so drunk.

Recalling the incident in Zante - where he was holidaying with former co-star Hugo Taylor - he said: "We went out one night, we'd had a lot to drink and a girl was pretty forward.

"She was all over me and told me she lived 10 seconds away and I was weak and under the influence, so it was very easy.

"There were probably five words exchanged. It was as meaningful as going to the bar and ordering another drink. It's irritating, to be fair. I felt awful as soon as I did it."

Spencer - who has since split with Lucy, and previously cheated on ex-girlfriend Louise Thompson when he slept with a woman in the 'Made in Chelsea' beauty's bed - had described Lucy as the "love of his life", but on reflection he realises he got together with her "too soon" after Louise.

He added to OK! magazine: "It was too early for a relationship. I did care about Lucy, she is a lovely girl and she doesn't deserve to be hurt, but it was too soon after Louise to commit to one person.

"I should've had more time alone. I wanted the best of both worlds."

Despite Spencer admitting he cheated on Lucy with two women, she claims he slept with someone on each of the eight nights they weren't together during their short relationship.

She told Now magazine: "We only had eight nights apart. I believe he cheated on me every day we were apart.

"I'm now also thinking that he might have cheated on me during the day, when I was at work, too.

"I know for a fact - and Spencer has even confirmed this to me - that there were four women before he left for Zante."

What's more, Lucy has taken to Twitter to slam Spencer once again for his antics after returning from a break in Turkey, and she thanked her 326,000 followers for their support.

She wrote: "Arrived back into UK to a lot of love. Thank f**k I have twitter otherwise I would of had no idea my boyfriend was cheating on me. Cheers

"Saying sorry for being a total f**k up is enough. There is no excuse for those kind of actions. Sick of hearing/reading excuses. (sic)"

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