Gypsy Sisters star blasts fame-obsessed cousin

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  • 25 June 2013
The Stanley girls from Gypsy Sisters

The cast of Gypsy Sisters

'Gypsy Sisters' star Nettie Stanley has hit out at her cousin Kayla for becoming fame-obsessed since the TLC show started, and has branded her a "disgrace" for having "multiple affairs"

'Gypsy Sisters' star Nettie Stanley has blasted her cousin Kayla for becoming fame-obsessed since the show started.

The gypsy matriarch slammed Kayla for becoming "greedy" and wanting the TLC programme - which documents the lives of the Stanley family in Martinsburg, West Virginia - to be all about her instead of Nettie and her sister Mellie.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "Me and Mellie stay true to ourselves. It's fun making money, it's fun being famous, who wouldn't like that?

"But we also stay who we are. We don't let the money and the fame run our lives, unlike Kayla. She has. She wants the fame and fortune all to herself.

"She's become greedy and she wants me and Mellie out of the whole thing. She wants it all about herself, which is never going to happen, because Kayla is not Nettie and Mellie. Bottom line."

Nettie also blasted Kayla as a "disgrace" for having "multiple affairs", and branded her husband a "complete idiot" for standing by her.

She added: "She doesn't stay true to herself. She portrays herself to be something that she's not. She is not a proper gypsy wife. She is the kind of girl who does have affairs, which is totally off the wall.

"For a gypsy woman to have affairs, there is no gypsy woman every known to have an affair. It is a big, total disgrace. She did it right here for six months.

"Kayla has had multiple affairs and her husband - who has got to be a complete idiot - had stood by her side and let her do that. But he is a true gypsy."

'Gypsy Sisters' airs weekly on TLC (Sky 125, Virgin 167 and BT Vision 875) from Wednesday (26.06.13) at 9pm.


1. Minge27 Jun 2013, 1:54pm Report

Lmao this is so hilarious!!!! This is so called family that tries to drag kayla down for her fame!!! Nettie described this article as kayla but she really described herself..... No love loss for Kayla I'm sure

2. Karen Bolick3 May 2014, 2:17am Report

I find this interview odd. Isn't Mellie the one who strips, got pregnant before marriage, and gets sloppy drunk??? Isn't Nettie's daughter also pregnant OUT of wedlock??? Interesting that Kayla's family doesn't show this apparent lack of morales nor do they act like poor white trash. Kayla seems to be a hard working mom who often gets swept up into the drama of Nettie (mid life crisis meddler who wishes her husband cared like Kayla's) and trashy Mellie who just needs Jesus.

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