Eliza Doolittle's 'discovery' record

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  • 20 June 2013
Eliza Doolittle posing with a bottle of Appletiser

Eliza Doolittle posing with a bottle of Appletiser

Eliza Doolittle's as-yet-untitled second album is a "discovery" record, with songs about love and loss

Eliza Doolittle's new album is a "discovery" record.

The 'Pack Up' singer is preparing to release her second album in October this year and says it will be interesting as she has learned lots about life since her self-titled debut in 2010.

She told BANG Showbiz: "It's about love and life and on my first record I hadn't really experienced much of either of those. I've gone through growing pains since then and I've experienced things I haven't experienced before. I think [love] is the most important thing in the world.

"You know when you see a film, it doesn't necessarily spell it out for you but when the film ends you feel like you understand what it was trying to convey and you relate to it, but it's done in a way you've never quite seen before, that's what I always try and do with my music and I hope I have with this album."

Eliza, 25, also said the , as-yet-untitled album features some songs about the darker side of relationships, including break ups.

She added: "When I look at the album as a whole though it's not a break up record, it's more the outcome of how a break up made me feel about life and how I wanna go about living from now on.

"Some of the songs are during the relationship, some are after or during the break up and some of them are from before the relationship. It documented a whole period of time basically."

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Eliza Doolittle

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