New online project to push forward the accessibility of Scottish historic songs

New online project to push forward the accessibility of Scottish historic songs

Siobhan Miller

Aileen Carr and Alison McMorland among the singers contributing to the Grieg-Duncan Folk Song Collection

A new project is taking place that will see the promotion of traditional Scots ballads and songs. A host of Scottish singers including Aileen Carr, Jo Miller, Alison McMorland, Geordie McIntyre and The Spiers Family are being filmed performing songs from the Grieg-Duncan Folk Song Collection. Lucy Pringle, Steve Byrne, Siobhan Miller, Brian Miller, David Francis, Mairi Campbell, Scott Gardiner, Kath Campbell and Frieda Morrison are also taking part, with all filmed performances available to watch online.

Associated with the northeast of Scotland, the collection is a treasure trove of traditional Scottish songs. The project has been developed by the broadcaster Freida Morrison, who herself is a traditional singer. Morrison is artist in residence at Celtic and Scottish Studies, the home of the School of Scottish Studies archives, and her role is to promote Scots language and song. She describes the online project as ‘a huge step’, presenting ‘a great opportunity for Scotland to shine brightly’. The significance of the scheme is expressed further by Morrison who states that it ‘will help widen access to this important collection by enabling students from all over the world to see live performances of these precious songs.’

The project aims to create worldwide access to the Greig-Duncan songs by promoting them online. It is hoped that in doing so the historic Scottish songs will be made more readily accessible to its fan base while also establishing the opportunity for others to be made aware of Scotland’s historic music.

Steve Byrne - Besuthian

Frieda Morrison - Johnny Sangster

The Spiers Family - O But I'm Weary

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