Lauren Branning to be hospitalised for drinking

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  • 19 June 2013
Lauren Branning hits the bottle

Lauren Branning drinking

EastEnders' Lauren Branning will be hospitalised as her drinking problem gets worse, which leads to her mother Tanya Cross realising how much her marital problems have affected her daughter so she decides to leave Walford

EastEnders' Lauren Branning is to be hospitalised when she comes close to drinking herself to death.

The troubled teenager - who is played by Jacqueline Jossa - ends up in the medical facility with a near-pickled liver after trying to drink away all her problems, which leads her mother Tanya Cross (Jo Joyner) to realise just how much her marital problems have affected her daughter.

Jo said: "It's awful, it's the worst thing in the world for Tanya.

"Tanya knew Lauren had a problem as she has been trying to help her, but she never imagined it to this extent. When she hears the news, she is devastated.

"She feels guilty for letting it get this far.

"Tanya knows she needs to do something drastic to stop her daughter from killing herself."

Tanya knows the turbulent marriage she and husband Max have been in for the past few years is badly affecting their children, so she makes the drastic decision to leave Walford.

Jo added to SoapSquawk: "She makes a decision that she feels will be the best for all of them.

"I think deep down they will always love each other and no-one else will ever come close for both of them."

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