An Inconvenient Truth (3 stars)

Al Gore


It would have been so easy for Al Gore to have become a horribly embittered individual after being cheated out of the US presidency in 2000. No one would have faulted him for spending the rest of his life sticking pins into effigies of Florida governor Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris, that state’s Republican administrator who went the extra mile to ensure Gore was the closest runner-up in political history. Instead, he has continued to focus on his number one political and moral goal: getting the world to wake up to global warming.

This book of the film veers from glossy page after glossy page of National Geographic-style shots of planet earth from up above, dull policy statement and bafflingly irrelevant Gore family histories. The pictures work best when pinpointing contrast, such as the border of Haiti and Dominican Republic telling in one sweeping image the very different green policies of two governments or the before and after shots of American national parks.

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